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I "Aint" Never Scared To Build My Online Business


FEAR: is an emotion that can completely demagnetize your power, and leave you wondering whether or not  you're capable of building a business that could aid you in having a better life. Many times this paralyzing fear that you're experiencing isn't even real but rather a fragment of your imagination that's driving you to believe a lie. The lie that you're less capable than me or the next person to build your lifestyle business. 

You feel small and timid amidst the giants of over achievers in the world, and you just don't know how "little old you" could get started. The reality is there's no perfect time to take massive action towards building your online business. You just have to step out there and decide to take a chance on what you believe is possible. The truth is that once you step out in the deep, you may look back at the shore, wondering, "what in the world have you done?" At this point you're either going to swim forward or ask for a raft of retreat. Trust me 98% of the people you know will throw you that raft, while only 2% will jump in the water to swim with you.  Perhaps, you'll catch that later. At first, the swim is pretty pleasant, then the tides began to roll in; the waves dunk you under a few times; you encounter a few sharks, and many times you feel as if you're going to die. Yet, remember it's programmed fear buried in the fragments of your mind, and it's designed to take you out. Some of the things you fear are:

  • People what are they going to think of me for trying this idea?) Really?? Do you think that the thoughts of others will bite you, beat you up, or kill ya? So what about what someone else thinks, let them think; you just keep swimming.
  • Failure ( what if my idea fails, and I did all of this for nothing?) In reality, "quitters never win and winners never quit;" so what does that tell you? Don't quit, and  you'll eventually win. How, when, where, well that's to be determined, but don't quit, and you don't have to worry about failing. You may have to learn, grow, and adjust, but you will eventually reach your goal if you keep pursuing it. 
  • The Unknown: ( I don't know what's ahead.) You may find  yourself fearing what's ahead and asking a bunch of what if questions. What if this or what if that?? Yet, why spend time worrying about something that hasn't happened yet? What if you actually succeed, and your life changes for the better forever?
  • Success: (I don't know how to live outside of the struggle.) You're subconsciously afraid of succeeding because all you've ever known is struggle. You worry if earning a certain amount of money from your internet business might change you. You wrestle with the idea of  moving up in life and what all that means. You're scared to walk in abundance. However, who you are is who you are. No amount of money will change your true self. If money brings about greed and pride, then you were secretly that way the whole time, but you just didn't have the funds to show it. If money leads you to be humble, charitable, and down to earth, then that's who you were already. 

There's no reason to be scared of building your online business, even if it's bit wacky and out of the norm of what's sociably acceptable today. You have total freedom, within the confounds of the law, to create products and services in exchange for monetary value. You will not be the first or the last person who is teased for coloring outside of the lines and creating your own internet business. As long as you have a market who needs your services, provide solutions with your products, and incorporate a way to get paid, there's no reason to be afraid of a profit. Don't be scared; be BOLD; get out there and make it happen. 

We still cool right?

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To Your Success. . .
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